November 2018, Tarshito concludes an artistic action without boundaries: “The Path of the Wayfarer in Love” is a work of art that experiments the beauty of Sharing and Unity through a symbolic pilgrimage, dedicated to the Earth, mother of all creatures. The journey begins in July 2017, when Tarshito reaches for the first time the small community of artists Huichol, in Guadalupe Ocotàn, in Mexico. It is the beginning of an adventure that will continue in India, in the heart of the sub continent, with a group of Gond  artists  from Bhopal, the journey continues in Nepal, with three Tibetan monks and then in Peru, at Pucallpa with the shipibo painter Lastenia Canayo Garcia, in Bangladesh, Jessore and then in Morocco, at Asillah and finally Seoul in South Korea. These geographic areas have been intertwined, have drawn the trajectory of a symbolic path in which people, cultures and territories, gathered in Art, celebrating  their meeting on the same canvas,  through the artistic expression of  their traditions, their most ancient myths and  legends of their peoples …

The Path of the Wayfarer in love is a rolled rough canvas, 1008 cm long on which Tarshito has embossed the image of a re-invented map of the World with the clear objective of nullifying any form of division, border or geographical limits. On the new territories, all strictly painted with ink inks and watercolors in shades of white, black and gray, stand out the colorful pilgrimages, represented, with the lively and traditional techniques of the artists residing in the places of the world crossed by Tarshito during his artistic travel. All on the same earth, to experiment together an artistic and spiritual research.

Tarshito, together with the numerous artists involved in the project, created the scroll and a collection of over 100 artworks. In each country visited, he created, with the traditional local artists, a series of paintings that were enthusiastically welcomed and exhibited at the Italian Cultural Institute in Mexico City, the Arts of the Earth and Art Konsult galleries in New Delhi in India, the Edge gallery in Dhaka in Bangladesh, the Italian Cultural Institute of Rabat in Morocco, the Italian Cultural Institute of Seoul in South Korea and the Italian Cultural Institute of Lima in Peru, in the widespread exhibition held in six museums in the city of Bari in 2020. In 2021 the traveling exhibition began with the first stop in Bari, at the Portico dei Pellegrini in July 2021, and continued in Trani, Brindisi, Lecce, Foggia, Taranto and other venues …

The Path of the Wayfarer in Love 


Exhibition in Bari, Portico dei Pellegrini, Italy.
Exhibition in Trani, Palazzo Beltrani, Italy.
Exhibition in Trani, Palazzo Beltrani, Italy.
Exhibition in Brindisi, Museo Archeologico Francesco Ribezzo, Italy.
Exhibition in Lecce, Museo Castromediano, Italy.
Exhibition in Lecce, Museo Castromediano, Italy.
Exhibition in Taranto, Biblioteca Civica Pietro Acclavio, Italy.
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