Speciale Tarshito Village

Presentation video:

Speciale Tarshito is a platform in which art and meditation mix giving rise to new experiences and creative possibilities that have a strong spiritual character. Workshops, exhibitions, presentations and courses take place here, within this complex of 9 architectures.
Special Tarshito is a village of 1,500 mq, it is located in Bari, (nearby Ikea shopping mall in Mungivacca district), many years ago this place was a village of 9 architectures in which was produced the sansa oil. Now in this place we share creativity, spirituality and tradition.
In the buildings of the village we live the encounter with transcendence as a prelude to the realization of the artwork, at SPECIALE TARSHITO art expresses positive values, and it is a means to live better and experience the joy of live, beyond the dogmas and the creeds.
In 2014 Tarshito, artist, architect and spiritual seeker, opens his studio/gallery to the public and invites interested parties to participate in artistic activities and spiritual research that this place, definitionally open, aims to share with enthusiastically.
INFORMATION: info@tarshito.com

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