• The Coratino artist  Tarshito falls in love with the Huichol de Guadalupe community (L’artista coratino Tarshito si innamora della comunità Huichol de Guadalupe)
    Tarshito is an Italian artist and architect, teacher and spiritual researcher who travels constantly through the East and the West of the world. As a researcher, he gives life to artworks which are the result of studies based on the traditions and ancient cultures of the countries that he rediscovers each time he travels. Being an artist for Tarshito means investigating and discovering the essence, the supreme sense of life: every work and every project that he proposes expresses his passionate love for humanity and his constant desire to build new connections through peoples and cultures. Also known as “the wayfarer in love”, Tarshito evokes positive emotions and a genuine sense of communion through the whole of humanity. His new project entitled “The Path of the Wayfarer in Love” pays tribute to the beauty of the countries Tarshito travels through in his travels, to engage the local artisans and artists in a cultural project dedicated to the theme of the meeting.
    Fusion and integration between cultures are practices that distinguish Tarshito’s relationship with the different traditions. Always fascinated by the oldest and most profound traditions, Tarshito began to conceive the idea of an artistic project inspired by the magic of the harmonies and rhythms of various countries: such as Mexico, Peru, India, Bangladesh, Morocco, Nepal, Korea and Japan … As a contemporary poet, Tarshito tells us about his “New United World” proposing a new idea of rituals and solemn moments of encounter between cultures and traditions. The purpose of this experience is to create a moment of communion between ancient and contemporary through the creation of a long roll (about 10 m) on which the workers who will paint pilgrimage creatures according to the local pictorial tradition. After the realization of this part of the scroll, Tarshito will resume his journey and start a new relationship with another part of the world and so on to conclude his pilgrimage around the world. Its purpose is to create a scroll that witnesses the journey of the Wayfarer in love along the surface of the Earth, connecting and generating new possible worlds.
    For Tarshito there are no geographical limits, his is an attempt to break down any form of subdivision of the world. This is how the series of “new continents”, of “sacred geographies”, painted and manipulated, united, mixed, re-invented. Its geographical maps represent the attempt to remember that we are all part of the same earth, of the same humanity. (quoted by Osho). The pilgrimages painted on these territories are a natural continuation of this extraordinary concept, every creature on earth moves towards a goal made of light, harmony and beauty. The intervention of the artisans who adhere to the project is essential to underline this idea of connection, of unity between the One and the Whole and to generate new Humanities.
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