The cornerstones of Creativity



Dear Creatures,
What I’m about to say is very important to me and I would like to share it with you, I’m talking about the motivation for any artistic act,  I mean… a sense of gratitude and wide love that goes beyond religions and which is open to Transcendence, to the mystery, to light; that moment in which you are at peace with your life, perfectly aware of your presence in being there, without any reason.
The word Transcendence expresses all this.
Here is a series of attitudes I want to experience in my creative works and share with you.
1 Make Art as a service of Love, love towards Transcendence.
2 No complaints, no desires. no expectations
3 Move through art spurred by the intensity of the divine, by the spiritual realization.
4 The spiritual / artistic researcher has to guide the attention on what has real values, on the eternal truths.
5 Art Facilitates the conjuncture with the mystery of Life.
6 Be indifferent to what slows down, obstructs and deteriorates the relationship with Transcendence.
7 Art unifies thoughts, words and actions.
8 Art helps to raise awareness, positive attitudes and good thoughts.
9 Every Artwork has to contain Light.
10 Consider Art as an offer to the Divine and through it, learn to deconstruct the masks in order to discover true identities.
The practice of these attitudes makes sure that every artist is pleased with himself, independently of external factors …
These are the cornerstones of creativity which let the artists experience happiness no matter what happens.
Unconditional Love transforms the feelings, from the mundane to the sacred,
it turns egoism into love. He who puts love in his life is capable to
give his love to everyone, he is equitable.
Love is not selective, it includes everything and everyone.
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