Tarshito in Viaggio

Korea – NOVEMBER 2018

The project of the Path of the Wanderer in Love is proceeding forward and Tarshito continues his work in the company of the painter Son Oe Ja. In the following photos the work being completed at the Bomunsa Temple in Seoul.








India – JULY 2018

The kalamkari art is a technique hailing from Andrha Pradesh (South India), it is a very ancient method, still used today in the cities of Srikalahasti and Machilipatnam. Kalamkari art has been for centuries the domestic occupation of women and rural artisans. Srikalahasti is a small city located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh where even today the artisans continue to paint according to this ancient tradition. The style of Srikalahasti is characterized by freehand drawing: the painting process begins with a specific treatment of the cotton fabric which is prepared by mixing a mordant made of castor oil and sodium bicarbonate. After the preparation of the support, the craftsman begins to trace the outlines of the work with a black color called “kasami”. The colors, used for the next step to fill the black outlined sketch, are usually those obtained from natural plants: indigo, green, red and yellow.



Perù – DECEMBER 2017

In these days Tarshito is traveling to proceed forward with the “Path of the Wanderer in Love” and begin his collaboration with traditional Peruvian artists. The artistic path this time winds along the Amazon Art and will see Tarshito, protagonist of another stage of his artistic pilgrimage around the world. The meeting with the communities of Cantagallo in Lima and with the Yagua tribe in the North of the Amazon is the basis for creating new artistic opportunities and for continuing the Path of the Wayfarer in love.

(ph by Luca Desiderato)

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