“The Camp of the Wayfarers in Love”

“The Camp of the Wayfarers in Love”, is a continuation of “The Path of the Wayfarer in Love”, In which Tarshito travels around the world to complete a 10,8 metres long painted scroll, with traditional artists/artisans he meets during his travels. A collective project aimed at artistically meeting with custodians of traditions and ancestral values, in which Tarshito travels to other countries to collaborate with artists from different cultures creating artworks in the form of painted tents..
“The journey has as its goal the search for the Soul, which can be found both everywhere and inside of all of us” – Tarshito.
Bangkok with Inson Wongsam and Rampad Kothkaew

Varanasi with Bachelal Prajapati, traditional Kashi painter.

West Bangal with the Chitrakar family, Patua painting Tradition.

Bhopal with Venkat Raman Shing Shyam, Gond art.

Bagh with Kazim Khatri, traditional Block Printing.

Puri, Orissa with Puspa Rao, Pattachitra tradition.

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